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Domino Black Room

Multiplayer online game. Domino consists of 28 pieces, each domino piece has two squares marked with a number (from 1 to 6), it can also be blank. Each player must match his pieces with other player's pieces. The most popular way to play domino is in couples, however here you will play one against one. Domino exercises your mind and one of the most entertaining games of all time.

Ignore Button

If you would like to stop reading the messages for a certain user, you should click first on the IGNORE button, and then on the user you are targeting on the main chat window.

To unlock the user you must follow the same steps over the same user. You can also click on the left or right column.

  • To erase the complete list of ignored users type: borrar-ignorados on the chat window.
  • To see the list of people you are ignoring type: ver-ignorados on the chat window.

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